Exclusive UK & Ireland Sales Distributor and Service Provider for CTS Test Equipment

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Specializing in the installation, operational and performance qualification standards for the Pharmaceutical Industry in meeting ICH guidelines for stability storage equipment using 21 CFR part 11 compliant test equipment with focus on GMP throughout our quality systems.  Routine preventative maintenance contracts can be tailored to include 24-hour emergency call-out response.
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Providing test equipment from full vehicle drive-in test facilities down to component level testing for corrosion & weathering resistance in the Automotive Industry.  Full after sales service support is always available in the form of preventative maintenance contracts, rapid emergency breakdown response and full calibration services using ISO:17025 traceable test equipment.
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Other industries have their own temperature & humidity testing standards that are vital for business continuation.  CTS are a German manufacturer of high quality precise test equipment supplying Companies in other sectors such as Electronic, Aviation, Engineering, Chemical, Aerospace, Construction and many more.  Again Nexia Scientific provides a full range of after sales service on all CTS test products.
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Additional testing is required in specific industries with Telecommunications a major growth industry in recent times.  Nexia Scientific are also the sole UK & Ireland sales distributor of IP test equipment from iTS GmbH, a German manufacturer of high quality IP water & dust testing systems ranging from IPX1-9K for the Telecommunication and other such industries.
We are the sole sales distributor and service support provider for CTS Environmental Test Chambers throughout the UK and Ireland, and cover all aspects of sales, service and support for both new and existing customers.
Our core strength is not just to supply the customer with a quality product but to also provide a wealth of after sales support from a highly qualified CTS factory trained technical team offering maintenance and calibration services tailored to each individual industry to meet the required standards.