Nexia Scientific provides a trusted calibration service for all makes and models of temperature and humidity controlled equipment with all test equipment traceable to an ISO:17025 accredited laboratory.

Calibration can be carried out either as part of a service contract or as a standalone activity.

Nexia Scientific also offers pharmaceutical customers annual performance qualifications for stability storage equipment working to our own or our customers generated protocol using 21 CFR part 11 compliant test equipment connected to a number of high accuracy temperature and humidity test sensors traceable to an ISO;17025 accredited laboratory.  Full reports are then submitted to include the completed protocol, all raw data, traceable certificates and supporting documents.

We also have an on-site calibration laboratory capable of calibrating customers temperature & humidity devices using independent high accuracy Pt100 reference probes for temperature which are immersed in a Fluke drywell for temperature calibration between -80°C and +138°C. Humidity devices can be calibrated by reference to a MBW dew point mirror inserted into a Rotronic Hygrogen unit for calibration between 10%RH & 90%RH at a temperature range between +10°C and +60°C.  All reference probes are traceable to an ISO:17025 accredited laboratory.


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