Nexia Scientific is a leading supplier of high quality Ingress Protection test equipment to clients throughout the UK and Ireland

Ingress protection, or IP Testing, is a basic requirement designed to assess the ability of a product to withstand external influences, such as liquids and solids, that it will encounter in its natural operating environment. 

The need for IP testing is growing in the UK, both for industrial products and consumer goods, which are increasingly offered with “rugged” water and dust resistant properties.  While it is possible to replicate standard IP tests using buckets, hoses and assorted ad-hoc equipment, it is hard to demonstrate consistent results and, frankly, it’s often messy. 

Nexia Scientific offer a full range of intelligently designed IP testing systems from renown German manufacturer iTS GmbH. These include fully contained chambers with built in controls for either liquid or dust, and stand-alone systems designed for testing larger equipment. Our test equipment is suitable for conducting all standard IP tests to IEC standard 60529, including the challenging high-pressure steam jet cleaning tests required of the IPX9K rating which demonstrates that products offer the highest degree of protection. It is also suited for testing to other common standard, including those in use in the USA and Japan. 

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