Supplying a wide range of advanced test equipment from CTS & iTS GmbH, two of Germany's leading manufacturers of precision test chambers, environmental rooms & IP test systems.

Nexia Scientific provides a wide range of high quality environmental test chambers to suit a variety of applications and industries.

We also have the ability to customise a test chamber, so if you have a specific or unique testing need we can tailor an environmental chamber to suit.  

Temperature Chambers

For accurate and consistent controlling of temperature environment within test area from -70°C to +180°C


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Climatic Chambers

Capable of controlling both temperature and humidity


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Thermal Shock Chambers

Temperature shock test cabinets that allow temperature change rates of up to 100 Kelvin in one minute


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Stress Test Chambers

For making changes to the test environment faster than a standard chamber for accurate stress testing


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Pharmaceutical Chambers

Specifically designed chambers for long term, high precision environmental stability testing


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Vibration Test Chambers

Integrated single axis shaker beneath the test space allow products to be tested with vibration as an added factor as well as temperature and/or humidity


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Walk-in Chambers

Our standardized grid system means we can offer walk-in or drive-in test chambers in all sizes at economic prices.


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Ingress protection testing

A range of IP testing systems, including fully contained chambers and stand-alone systems designed for testing larger equipment.


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