Nexia Scientific provides a wide range of high quality testing chambers specifically tailored to meet the exacting requirements of the pharmaceutical industry.

Whether your testing is for product development, clinical trials or ongoing stability, the focussed and controlled set of needs in the pharmaceutical sector, where there is less emphasis on high rates of temperature change or “industrial environments” but far more placed on long-term stability at specific temperatures and humidity levels, particularly to determine shelf lives. This makes the reliability, accuracy and efficiency of a test chamber even more important.

CTS Environmental Chambers offer the following key benefits:

  • Accurate control
  • Total consistency
  • Intelligent design
  • Back up and support

CTS Environmental Testing Chambers are used by many pharmaceutical, cosmetic, nutraceutical and medical device companies around the world for testing to all key national and international guidelines, including ICH, Q1A and Q1B, WHO, FDA and CPMP.

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