Whether testing for R&D, reliability, warranty risk limitation or compliance to standard, if it is worth the man-hours, materials and resources required to run a test, then it is worth running well.

Huge costs (and risks) are involved in taking a new product to market, and there are no benefits in taking shortcuts on quality testing. Only with high quality and reliable equipment can you be sure of consistent, accurate and trustworthy results. 

CTS Environmental Chambers offer the following key benefits:

  • Simple, intuitive and sophisticated user interface
  • Bullet proof reliability
  • Extensive back up and support
  • Future proof
  • Quiet in operation
  • Low energy costs

Our clients range from those working on simple, tried and tested technologies to the cutting edge of new product development, including:

  • Test Houses offering advanced R&D and certified compliance testing
  • Universities and research facilities
  • Developers and manufacturers of general building materials
  • High specification integrated power supplies
  • Agricultural development
  • Plastics conditioning and testing
  • Industrial laser development and production.
  • Manufacturers of safety wear and personal protection devices

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