CTS Environmental Chambers are used in a wide range of applications across the Automotive industry, where robust, high-performance products are essential to satisfy high consumer expectations.

Automotive design and production has progressively developed more integrated technologies that improve vehicle performance and driver convenience. 

From bulbs, buttons and trims through to high integrity multipoint connector systems, CTS chambers are providing reliable, consistent and efficient testing solutions for automotive companies throughout the UK and Ireland. 

Projects we are currently involved in include:

  • Whole vehicle testing
  • On-board vehicle communication systems, including emergency service bands and driver to passenger intercoms
  • GPS integration
  • High integrity complex multipoint connector systems
  • Battery development
  • Airbag and other safety critical systems
  • Vehicle information systems
  • Instrument panels
  • Illuminated trims
  • In car entertainment systems
  • Fuel control and management systems

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